Latest Past Events

Free Online Event: Sound Healing Summit June 27 – July 1, 2022

Please join me on June 28th at 12:30pm (PST) for my free presentation of Sound as a WakeUp Call: A Call to Remember our Wellness. I will be offering practical tools in using our voice for healing emotionally and psychologically in times of deep traumas and grief. I will cover how our voices can soothe […]

Globe Sound & Emotions Conference


Emotional Self-care is a daily practice. We sound to get quiet …we sound the noise. The noise of the static, the entanglements, the pain, the story, the grief, the anger. We sound how life is touching us this day. I call this emptying, making room for a new perspective. That is one of the foundational […]

It’s All in the Listening, with Mary Jo Hoven and Vickie Dodd

"The body is Listening to see if we will listen. The Earth is waiting to see if we will listen. The trees and plant world are waiting to see if we will listen. May we be willing to slow down enough to receive our listening." Vickie Dodd from the Audible Body How do we listen […]