The 50’s were my juiciest time…and often are for many women.
Our children, if we had them are grown or close to being so
We have been through or closing in on menopause.
We no longer are concerned about getting pregnant.
For many it is the first time for truly enjoying sex….
And knowing and saying what we need want and desire!
This may not be your story…. but try to find yours in here….
Mainly it is the time where one really starts being a Woman.

Having a voice without needing to scream it.
Being heard because you have plenty of experience.
This is the time to go deep inside yourself.

What do you desire?
What is your plan?

Is this what and how I want to continue?
Now I am certain…. that I may not be immortal!
And maybe I need to get clear with what and how to I want

My next 10-20-30 years to be?
One piece that becomes important….
Is where am I spiritually?

How connected am I to that which I call Source.
I now find myself with more time…
Or I will have if I am in my 60’s,
And if I am in my 70’s…. I must take the time!

There is no other time….
No one needs me more than I need me.
I need this time to get real with me.

That is what these days, this time in our life is devoted to.

Let me really become willing to connect with my Soul.

What is my Soul’s desire?
I may know my partner’s desire….
I may know my parent’s desires…
My cultures beliefs,
My political correctness beliefs…
My spiritual correctness beliefs…
But what are mine?
I get to have my own connection.

I get to shape myself to receive unconditional love for this woman, me.
I get to practice receiving love for all she is and all she has

Real or imagined.
This is not just a good idea….
This is my life.
No one else can do this.
And this is my hunger.

Please let me be willing to receive me as I am.
As I am received that which needs to be re-arranged,

changed, dis-carded, added on,

Will take place as there is this infinite wisdom inside of me.

Come home to myself.
Come Home now is the time.
Welcome myself home.

cc. Vickie Dodd
Trademark sacredsoundworks