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Vickie’s book and two CDs are available through amazon.com, but also directly by contacting Vickie at info@sacredsoundworks.com.

Tuning the Blues to Gold: Soundprints Book

Tuning the Blues to Gold: Soundprints

A Living Book and CD by Vickie Dodd

Wovenword Press “This book is revolutionary. Because it is primarily in verse, it is rhythmic and has meter. Be prepared to laugh, to weep, to whine, to moan, to groan. Be prepared to read it aloud and take the sounds deep into your cellular memory where Mother-Father-Mother-Source reside.” Kay Gardner, Composer and Author

The Well Cell Book

The Well Cell

Waking the Amnesia of Wellness

A Healing Sound CD by Vickle Dodd This CD is designed to express feelings of depression from the body. Vocalized sounds and poetry are used as a rhythmic formula for remembering wellness. “The risk of being well is the warrior of the future.”

Rest Assured CD

Rest Assured

Parasympathetic Resonance

CD by Vickie Dodd and James Hoskins

This CD holds the intention to rest, intention to entrain, intention to restore and remember how to live within the parasympathetic system. The parasympathetic system is the place that our being can rest, relax, meditate, digest and assimilate our nutritional needs.

Resonance Meditations: A Restorative Journey CD

Resonance Meditations

A Restorative Journey

CD by Vickie Dodd
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