Private Sessions

“Sound has been my teacher, inspiration, mentor, path of discovery and awakening my entire life. I would love to share with you some of the experiences gained from this relationship.”


Vickie Dodd

Phone & Remote Sessions

For over 30 years I have done remote sessions.

For over 30 years I have done remote sessions. Primarily it has been via telephone or skype. Now we can include zoom.

I have experienced that remote sounding sessions can be as equally effective as hands on sessions. I was surprised initially that this was possible. But experience has shown that energetic long distance work is quite effective. I am so grateful that people can receive sessions of a healing nature and a learning experience, from anywhere in the world.

The phone sessions are approximately one hour. I record the session and send you the recording as an MP3 file. First, we talk for a bit and find what your intention is for the session. I sound what your body is wishing to have expressed, to the best of my ability. I recommend you sit or lie down with headset or speaker phone where you will not be disturbed. I draw a picture of a body and I work on the picture and often let you know where I am on your body or field, and any messages I receive from your Being. I recommend if possible that you give yourself some time and space after a session to allow the sound to integrate. Sound works faster than any other means I know.

We connect a few days or so later with feedback. I charge $100 (US funds) and I have a PayPal account at I can also accept personal checks in the mail. I believe this is the basic information for you to be able to make a decision. It is helpful to give me times or days that work best for you and then I can see where we may schedule you. Scheduling a session may take a few weeks.



Private Sessions

I help people to reclaim their own voice.

I use sound as a means to unravel holding patterns, abuse patterns, held memories that fold over each other, in twisted ways that keep us stuck in the same mode of thinking and moving, year after year. A Sound session is matching that which the body would have expressed. It is not trying to put sounds into the body or take sounds out of the body. The Sound work that I am now calling Syntonics is a process of a new listening, listening directly to the physicality of the body.

What does a private session look like?

 When I look at the human form I ‘see’ or ‘sense’ a composed piece of music. This is similar for me when observing a landscape, a conversation, or a room. I perceive a mathematical, notational design of color, shape and frequency. This perception takes on a blueprint in my own sensory body and I vocalize this composition to the best of my ability. Often people have asked me what language I am speaking, or if I am speaking in tongues. I do not know if I can answer in a way that satisfies this inquiry, but I will try.

I experience in my heart and cells that the sounds I sense and vocalize are part of a Universal language.

It is a Universal shape, a Body knowing; the sounds and shapes seem to be encodements held within the physicality of our body. The reason I suggest that it is a physical, universal body language of sound formulations, is that it has nearly always been familiar to the thousands of people that I have sounded through these 40 years. The sound language is not an intellectual ‘knowing’, but an ancient nervous system response to the familiar.

What to Expect After a Session

I recommend that sessions be at a time when you will not have a lot of commitments, busy-ness afterwards. But, time for relaxing, reflecting, assimilating, listening to what your Bodies may be available for sharing with you. A bath we aroma therapies, a bathe with apple cider vinegar (2 cups per bathe) neutralizes and soothes the nervous system, helps integrate the work, honors the body, and helps in the release of toxins the sessions may have activated.

People have reported to me various experiences from these sessions. The most common experiences have been a deep feeling of relaxation, more embodiment, memories revealed that assist in understanding one’s imprint. Often old or new emotional or physical symptoms may manifest, starting to use their own voice. Having or experiencing more room for themselves (physically as well as emotionally). The total healing of old wounds, emotional and physical scar tissue neutralized so that the memories didn’t hold the same “hook” or “charge”.

“Sounds literally shape our realities…

Everything that occurred in our lives is recorded in our bodies. These events are recorded in our tissue as memories that actually exude a sound, and respond and change shape when engaged by our voice. Sound touches us where hands and words cannot reach.”


Vickie Dodd


Scheduling a Session

Vickie offers personal and professional training in Sound therapy and voice work, as well as long distance consultation and Sound Healing (by phone). Receive intuitive guidance and sound healing, no matter where you are.If you are interested in scheduling or learning more about this work, please use the button below to send me a note.

I look forward to meeting you…
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