Rest Assured

Thank you joining us for the

Future of Energy Medicine and Our Inherent Wisdom

My intention for this communication was to be able to engage and train the nervous system to come consciously into the parasympathetic system; the system that allows mending and rest and digestion. I went into the studio and taught the engineer, Jesse Mano and the musician James Hoskins how to come into their own para sympathetic. My vision was to sound from my parasympathetic system and have Jesse listen and record from his and James play the cello from his. We wanted to see if we could connect with the para sympathetic system of yours. To teach us to come home, to rest and to be restored. We succeeded, see how this feels for you.

I promised you the mp3 recording of Rest Assured CD. A soundscape to entrain our parasympathetic Nervous System. I pray and trust this will be of service for your overall WellBeing. Here it is:

  1. Gathering-rest-prayer

2. Loma Laye

3. Deeper Rest

4.Ida Pingala

5. Waves of Grace

6. Pause for Love

7. Sweet Home Coming

8. Restless Mending

9. Hum to Remember

10. Rest in Restless Times

11. Whales Return

12. Prayer of Thanks