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Resonance Meditations: A Restorative Journey

Our Hum will follow our Intention to Hum

Our Rest will follow our Intention to Rest.

Our voice engages that which we place our intention upon.

Resonance Meditations: A Restorative Journey is a guide into our inner terrain. This Meditation is designed to reveal pathways through the physical form, entering the in-between spaces of our sacred interior landscape. Evolutionary Sound master Vickie Dodd guides us into our physical terrain: the Skeletal & Nervous System, the Organs, and the Glandular system.

A Meditation of Participation

Prepare a comfortable place to sit or lie down. The entire three phases of the Meditation on the recording are about 1 hour long. One can do all three phases at once, or one or two phases at a time.

#1 Skeletal and Nervous system

We start at the outer surface of the body layers and then move deeper, one layer at a time. We resonate the layer being touched with our voice, touching our inner terrain with our resonance, creating a journey map of our frequency. Our frequency lights up that which is touched by our sounds and then we are guided to rest upon that which we touched with our hum in the silence.

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#2 Body Organs

As a mindbody practitioner for decades, Vickie sees the power of knowing where these organs and systems are located within the body. May this work inspire you to study anatomical charts. There is not a need to know where these organs are at this time, but need to trust that your body does. So you give the invitation to your wisdom to Hum your organs.

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#3 Glandular System

Our body knows where are adrenal glands, all of our glands live. We give our body the suggestion to Hum our adrenal glands and to rest onto that which we have touched with our Hum. Listen to the Hums and invite your voice to Hum along with us and then rest onto that which you have Hummed.

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