Stored Judgment

Apr 28, 2018sound healing, sound therapy

“Words are not just stored in our Heads

But…in our tissue, blood, organs, cells, bone.”

p. 108 Blues to Gold: Soundprints

Working with people over the past 4 decades has taught me that verbal abuse stays in the tissue, gets imbedded in the fabric of our bodies, can even shape and influence our posture.

Words have edges.

And words delivered maliciously, violently, with strong emotion can often be more difficult to heal and mend than the direct physical abuse.

Our Voices can be Our Menders, our healers. Our voices can start rounding the corners of stuck, held emotionally packed words. Our voices, with intention of compassion can dissolve long held emotional shaping. We HUM, we sound, layer after layer of content with love.

Our sounds are like the ocean waves flowing over rocks, little by little, it changes the shape of the rock. Sound dissolves that which has become stuck and held.

Sound softens our inner terrain

We know that our bodies are 70 % fluid. The words can actually start coagulating our liquid, reducing our health supply of liquidity. (I speak and teach this concept deeply in my trainings.)