The Hum Is The Most Powerful Sound Tool

Apr 9, 2015sound healing, sound therapy

The Hum is the most powerful Sound tool I can share with you.

The hum sound can be created audibly and silently. The two forms engage our being in a different way. I offer both techniques for you to experiment with and experience for yourself the benefits of audible and silent hum. The HUM can silently be taking place inside of us even as we sit at computers, driving, in many of our activities. The silent hum keeps a resonance, vibration taking place in our body.

Exercise: The Hum

The hum is made from our speaking voice, not our singing voice. We start with our name, as if we are introducing ourselves.

1. Sit or stand comfortably.

2. Speak your name aloud in an everyday, natural tone.

3. Repeat it more and more rapidly until it loses meaning, and is just sound.

4. Imagine putting your name into a blender and swallowing it: it gradually breaks down into a single tone.

5. This tone is YOUR own signature hum.


Take a moment and begin to Hum in this natural, comfortable speaking voice range.

Let yourself HUMMMMMHUMMMHUMM for 10-30 seconds.

Gently breathing, not forcing the breath;

when your exhale is complete, relax,

inhale and begin again.

Allow your hands to touch and shape your head and HUMMMMMMM.

Feel the resonance in your head?

Let your hands touch and shape your neck

and continue your HUMMMMMMM.

Pause. Listen. Breathe.

Notice how you feel or what and where you are feeling.

Notice any sensations.

Bring your awareness and your hands onto your chest cavity,

the home of the lungs, the Heart center,


Rest, pause and breathe and notice how that feels to you.

Continue your HUM exploration

to your solar plexus, abdomen, lower back

The Hum sound activates a wave in our liquid body. The Hum acts as a pulsation – it ignites the fire that sets up a wave movement throughout our body. It gently, lovingly suggests that we awaken.