Sacred SoundWorks™ Retreat:

Sound as a Bodywork

June 14-21st, 2019

Introducing the 9th annual

Sacred SoundWorks™

Retreat & Practitioner Training

Welcome to our 9th annual Sacred SoundWorks retreat held within the deep layers of old growth forest and the shores of Lake Crescent, on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.

Vickie Dodd is offering a practitioner training for previous students of her Sacred SoundWorks trainings. During this week-long residential training you will learn the fundamentals of three dimensional touch, three dimensional sound, and listening to the inner terrain of other people’s bodies. This training will be a deep immersion with much opportunity to experience a variety of bodies and layers of interest.

Vickie pioneered Sound as a Bodywork with her clients in the early 1970s. She observed that matching the frequency or rhythm of the tissue she was massaging changed the shape of that tissue. She is excited to share and pass on her experience of what she has gleaned in these decades. The most important step for working with others is that we must continue our own self-work.


What a gift, and what an opportunity!

“Sound has been my teacher, inspiration, mentor, path of discovery and awakening my entire life. I would love to share with you some of the experiences gained from this relationship.”


Vickie Dodd

Vickie has designed a system, which integrates emotional memories within the physical body and facilitates the release of long held emotional distress.

Vickie teaches others how to listen to themselves and to use their voices to recapitulate the memories and history that resides in their bodies. These teachings empower and educate the serious sound student to direct and evolve their emotional and physical maturation. She has consulted with organizations and professional groups, assisting them to address specific issues they encounter in their work and life responsibilities.

She is the author of “Tuning The Blues To Gold: Soundprints” and has several recordings available. As director of Sacred SoundWorks she lives in Port Angeles, Washington, and teaches in Europe. Latin America, and many locations around the USA.

 A few of her teachers that have been crucial to her evolving this work are: Dr. Joseph Liss, Dr. Ramurtri Mishra, William David (Elias De Mohan) and Judith Aston.

This retreat introduces the foundational teachings of Sound as a Bodywork, that I began developing in the mid 1970’s. This work has been shared by thousands of people across the world.

Sacred SoundWorks principles include:

  • Frequency
  • Light
  • Shape
  • Movement
  • Accessing Sound as our Teacher is the primary focus

“Sounds literally shape our realities…

Everything that occurred in our lives is recorded in our bodies. These events are recorded in our tissue as memories that actually exude a sound, and respond and change shape when engaged by our voice. Sound touches us where hands and words cannot reach.”


Vickie Dodd


Retreat Location

Our retreat will be held at Nature Bridge on Lake Crescent in the deep old growth forest in Olympic National Park. Those of you that have experienced this place know and remember its magic to quiet us and mend and attend to our nervous systems. There will be many opportunities to receive the healing that being in the old growth forest provides, and the teachings that restore us to our own nature.

This 2019 Sound Retreat weaves together a variety of body/mind healing modalities.

Vickie Dodd teaches the use of sound to dissolve emotional memories held in the physical body using the harmonics of the rainforest, waterfalls, and a glacier-fed mountain lake to facilitate our spiritual solution.

This training will provide you the tools and confidence to use Sound as a Bodywork in your practice. There will be guest teachers that use sound in their specific therapies.

During our time together, we will explore…

  • How we approach a body
  • Aston Kinetic Concepts
  • Deep Listening
  • Learning to match that which we perceive
  • Gaining confidence in what we perceive
  • Daily meditations to reflect our inner landscape
  • Deepening our spiritual connection
  • Understanding how sound changes the shape and alignment of a body
  • Knowing how and why sound has the capacity to move the tissue
  • Become willing to trust the intelligence of this system
  • Become willing to surrender our authority to the soul

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Join us and awaken your inner wisdom of sound principles, Sacred SoundWorks Practitioner Training…

Location: NatureBridge – Olympic National Park, Washington

Registration Includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Three meals daily
  • All lectures and activities

Retreat Cost: $1,895

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