You are made of sound. By listening deeply, you can hear the rhythms and stories of the audible body. With the power of the voice, you can heal the body layer by layer, awakening your cells while releasing long-held tensions, stress, and emotional trauma.

In this guide to sound as bodywork, sound healer Vickie Dodd shares her system for addressing trauma locked in the physical body with the healing power of sound. Touching on the function of the nervous system and the parasympathetic breath, she reveals how sound travels the inner pathways of the body, eliciting responses from the body memory of tissues and muscles while bypassing the mind. Sharing examples from sessions with her clients across five decades, she explains how sound can change the body’s tissues, rearrange posture, and release undigested emotional experiences. She teaches how to prepare the body for the work of sounding and releasing and explains the vocabulary of healing sounds, in particular the power of vowels to start the healing process.

  • Shows how sound, even humming, can change the body’s tissues, rearrange posture, and release long-held emotional trauma and stress
  • Explains how to listen deeply to the body and discover the rhythms of the areas to be treated as well as how to intuit the sounds required for healing
  • Offers practices to help you immediately release tension and explains how to use your voice to release emotional conflicts so your body can naturally heal

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