Read Well Cell

We practice trusting there is an innate wisdom in us that knows wellness.

We are practicing changing the habit.
Our richness and compassion comes from practice,
from our experience, from our mistakes, from the Blues…

from surviving from knowing we are Well,
regardless of the situation or diagnosis.
These become the juicy years…

The biology is no longer wanting to procreate.

There is freedom…
Children grown or close

We become Women with strength and experience.
We become grateful we are not younger….
we have to look deeper than skin…
We have the privilege to inquire….

Who am I now?
What do I want now?

Not what do THEY want or need me to be.
This is where we go deeper into our inner spiritual life.
It is not about not caring….but we start really knowing the
more we care for ourselves the more others can relax….

55-60 walk abouts

Taking go犀利士
od care of Self is most important.

Sageing, not ageing.
Using our HUM

Emptying sounding that which has covered up our


staying ‘juicy’ is essential for wellness.
Sounding can keep us juicy.

Areobic sounding. Gets the blood going, loosens places that
feel stuck or congested….or we just don’t know how we


Or we are stuck….it will never be any different…