What does a Sound Session look like?

Feb 23, 2019sound healing, sound therapy

What does a private session look like?

When I look at the human form I ‘see’ or ‘sense’ a composed piece of music. This is similar for me when observing a landscape, a conversation, or a room. I perceive a mathematical, notational design of color, shape and frequency. This perception takes on a blueprint in my own sensory body and I vocalize this composition to the best of my ability. Often people have asked me what language I am speaking, or if I am speaking in tongues. I do not know if I can answer in a way that satisfies this inquiry, but I will try. I experience in my heart and cells that the sounds I sense and vocalize are part of a Universal language. It is a Universal shape, a Body knowing; the sounds and shapes seem to be encodements held within the physicality of our body. The reason I suggest that it is a physical, universal body language of sound formulations, is that it has nearly always been familiar to the thousands of people that I have sounded through these 40 years. The sound language is not an intellectual ‘knowing’, but an ancient nervous system response to the familiar.

Sound Session as Bodywork

How do we begin? We begin the session with prayer and an invocation for guidance, direction and protection. At our initial meeting time, the client is guided to ask him or herself directly what their focus and intention is for the session. My focus during the session is to ‘match’ the vibrational frequency that their body wishes to express at this time. Having trained many years ago in soft tissue work, Aston myo-kinetics; I knew and appreciated its benefits. I started experimenting with sounding the soft tissue, fascia, sounding what I was sensing that wanted to be expressed. And to my surprise the tissue changed, just as if I had manipulated it with my hands! The myofascia, the connective tissue was being hydrated through the vibrational frequency and was allowing the tissue to reclaim its integrity and dimensionality. This was very exciting to me! I believe this was around 1980. I had been using sound for a number of years before this experiment, but mainly as an adjunct or an enhancer for the hands-on work.

What is Sound Doing?

We know that the body is at least 70-80% fluid. We know from the physics of Sound that:

  1. Sound changes form
  2. Sound breaks up crystallization
  3. Sound creates and dissolves form

Benefits of a SoundBody Session

  1. Sound hydrates the tissue
  2. Sound helps the body stay more liquid.
  3. Improved overall alignment.
  4. Sound work speaks directly to the innate intelligence of the person.
  5. Sound compliments and enhances other mindbody therapies.
  6. Sound improves circulation and oxygenation.
  7. Sound helps dissolve historically held memories in tissue.
  8. A deeper rest and relaxation is obtained.
  9. A balancing of the electro-magnetic field.
  10. Pain is often released.

What are the intentions of a Soundbody practitioner?

The method of teaching that our SoundBody practitioners bring to their clients is one of trusting the innate intelligence within each person. We ask the body directly, what would it have us know, what are its needs. Our entire work is learning to listen, to expand our vocabulary of perception, practicing being willing to trust that we really can sense what another needs and we do not need to know what to do. We come to a body with asking what does it need today, we do not come with an agenda of what we are going to do. We take time for this delineation, as it is a very important distinction of our SoundBody work. This way of coming to a body with respect and trust that it really does know what it needs. That is why WE DO NOT TRY TO PUT SOUNDS INTO THE BODY OR TAKE SOUNDS OUT OF THE BODY. THAT IS NOT OUR FOCUS. OUR FOCUS IS TO MATCH THE FREQUENCY, SHAPING, EMOTIONAL RHYTYM, COLOR OF THAT WHICH THE BODY WISHES TO EXPRESS and that which is ready THIS DAY to have expressed.

What is my teaching focus?

I help people to reclaim their own voice. I use sound as a means to unravel holding patterns, abuse patterns, held memories that fold over each other, in twisted ways that keep us stuck in the same mode of thinking and moving, year after year. A Sound session is matching that which the body would have expressed. It is not trying to put sounds into the body or take sounds out of the body. The Sound work that I am now calling Syntonics is a process of a new listening, listening directly to the physicality of the body.


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