What do you believe is the spiritual significance of music?

Soundstirs my blood, deepens my breath, quiets my mind, caresses my trust, cultivates my passion, restores me to ‘right size’, reminds me to move, reminds me that I am movement, reminds me thatI love to move, reminds me that I am ageless, reminds me of times past that moved me to tears, to joy, to the depths of grief, to clarity of NOW, to remember, yes, to remember that I am connected to something greater, yes, I AM…..oh thank you, my heart and belly sings,I had forgotten again….and you, SOUND, you, Strings, you, Heartbeat, you, Rhythm, you, Dissonance (that matches my fabric,) my Form, you, Sonic Light, beam me free again, each time, you never fail, to Awaken me to what is real, what is important, and you always teach me to let go of that which is burdening me, you always help me to empty my vessel that I may have room for love and hope and compassion for this living…..you,SOUND, youMUSIC, remain my teacher and guide.You teach me to follow the path through my blood, through my Nervous system,YOU teach me to listen, but mainly you show me over and over that this is the Path of over and over, to forget and to remember and to forget and to remember….and that you, SOUND have the power of alchemy to change that which has become coagulated in my liquid form to be restored to an elixir of Ease…for this I am grateful, each time I come to you.